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About Us

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Rencat utilizes a team of Midwest marketing experts with years of experience in helping businesses and organizations reach their highest potential. We will not attempt to sell you an out-of-the-box solution like other sales consulting firms, but will take the time necessary to develop a customized plan that optimizes the resources of your company. Rencat’s online consulting services are convenient, reliable, and effective.

Rencat will lead your staff through the entire process of plan creation, implementation, and measurement. By focusing on the digital marketing needs of the Midwest, we have built our skills as experts in developing digital campaigns. You will not be left with another ineffective marketing campaign, but will receive valuable guidance from a knowledgeable independent sales consultant. We will develop a strategy that delivers results and increases your revenue.

Core Values

Integrity – We believe in building a relationship with our clients that is built on mutual trust and integrity. We also strive to help you build that same kind of relationship with your clients through an effective sales marketing. We help your organization drive long-term success through customer acquisition and retention.

Simplicity –You should be free to focus on your core business. We work with you to create marketing campaigns that help you increase revenue without complexity. Easily measure the success and effectiveness of your marketing plan. Create and maintain campaigns according to your plan without stress. We help you automate the analysis in order to provide you with simple, yet effective marketing results.

Effectiveness – We believe that a company marketing strategy should be developed with campaigns that drive revenue. We will develop a plan that demonstrates measurable results: new leads and increased sales.

Efficiency – We create marketing campaigns that do not to waste your organization’s resources. We understand that you have other areas of your business that require your time, money, and effort. By utilizing time and cost effective strategies, we ensure that your marketing plan is effective without becoming exorbitant.