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Rencat’s campaign marketing services will allow your small business to compete on a higher level through effective digital and traditional marketing campaigns. The most frequent complaint that we hear is that marketing simply does not seem to work. Let us show you that an effective marketing plan can not only work, it can cause your sales to soar.

We are a Michigan-based consulting firm, specializing in digital sales campaigns and online marketing. Though we are focused on Midwest sales and marketing, we have clients across the United States. With today’s online global community, there is no such thing as territory.

Who We Help

Rencat is devoted to assisting businesses grow through effective marketing campaigns. We strive to create sales marketing plans for these businesses that are effective, efficient, and simple to implement and maintain. Use digital marketing campaigns to increase online sales and establish your online presence. We will assist you with the creation of the ideal digital sales campaign.

Rencat’s Small Business Marketing Services

  • Initial Marketing Analysis – This step is offered FREE to you. We will analyze your current marketing efforts and tell you how they can be improved.

  • New Marketing Plan – Rencat will discard the costly methods that are not increasing your business and develop a plan that does. By coordinating with your sales and marketing staff, we will build a customized action plan that will work for your company. This plan will supplement your current sales and marketing efforts in order to drive results.

  • Perfect Marketing Campaign – Rencat will build your perfect marketing campaign based on the findings of their thorough analysis and evaluation of your business and past marketing efforts. Your staff will be comprehensively trained on how to make the most of your new marketing campaign.

  • Engage Your Customers – Your marketing campaign will include a clear and consistent communication plan for engaging your customers. Our marketing campaigns are primarily designed to draw in new customers, but they also can be used to build loyalty in your existing customers.

  • Close Sales – No marketing campaign is effective if it does not generate revenue. Rencat will help you convert leads into sales.